Product Spotlight: CMOD Spreader Frames

CMOD Spreader Frames

CMOD Spreader Frames and Lifting Frames are an essential addition to your rigging kit – recommended for loads that have four lifting points, especially when headroom is limited, as the height of the rig will be considerably lower than conventional ‘1 over 2’ chandelier set ups.

Modulift are the market leaders in Spreader Beam design and manufacture, so when they extended their modular offering by launching the CMOD Modular Spreader Frame, we knew it was going to be best in class.

The Modulift CMOD is a modular frame utilising corner units which are compatible with existing Modulift spreader beam struts, and is modular in both length and width. Designed with ease and economy in mind, the CMOD is simple to set up, manoeuvre, and reconfigure to any size frame – allowing for multiple uses and diverse application on the construction site. Every CMOD Spreader Frame consists of 4 x corner units, with intermediate struts that can be bolted into the assembly to achieve different spans. Spreader beams can be converted into a frame, simply by bolting on the corresponding corner units plus any additional struts as required.

Because of its modular nature, even the largest CMOD is easy to transport as it can be broken down into its component parts, saving the cost of specialist transportation that a fixed system can require.

The corner plate has a bow (like the shackle). This means that a reversed shackle can contact the plate ‘bow to bow’ allowing it to easily rotate to suit any angle of sling and setup of frame without de-rating the shackle design strengths. The plate is made of high strength carbon steel and is specifically designed to withstand any bending, and transfers the compression to the strut in an almost purely axial form. The system was designed to BS EN 13155 – Non Fixed Lifting Load Attachments and the method of Shackle connection has been approved by Van Beest.

A truly adaptable frame that maintains its engineering principles as its configuration adapts.

Rig up a safe and successful operation with Modulift spreader frames from LGH.

Available to hire now.

Sizes available: 6, 12, 24, 50, 70, 110

Spans: 0.5m to 16m

Capacities: 6t to 140t

Refer to the load charts in our Technical User Guide for capacities at varying lengths and sling angles.

View details in our Technical User Guide>

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