Construction & Maintenance

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Our huge range of lifting gear for rent allows construction companies to stay at the cutting edge without the need for significant capital investment. From long term contracts for residential estate and business park building, to single day, solution-specific rentals to complete a particular challenge, LGH has all the equipment you need, tested and certified, ready and waiting, to keep your staff safe and your company fully compliant with all current health and safety regulations.

We understand the demands on the construction industry, and the seasonal variations inherent in the sector, and our hire packages can help you balance your budgets without compromising on quality or safety.  We also appreciate that time is money, especially when multi-disciplinary teams are involved, so we will always be there with the equipment you need, when you need it, whatever the project, whatever the time scale.

LGH are experts at what we do, so when you make our team part of your team, your lifting goes from strength to strength. Our sales teams are all trained in our full range of tools and technology, and we can even offer on-site consulting services to solve the most complex problems based on first-hand experience of situations just like yours.

We’ve been building our business for 40 years to help you build the next generation of factories, offices and homes, so trust the market leaders to help you build better, safer and more cost-effectively.