Safety Lifting Gear in the Nuclear Industry

safety lifting gearWe’ve already looked at LGH’s involvement in safety lifting gear in the construction industry, but another key area in which safety gear is paramount is the nuclear industry.

Because of the disaster in Chernobyl in 1986, and the more recent disaster in Fukushima in 2011, nuclear energy often is considered to be a dangerous and environmentally damaging industry. However, recently environmentalists such as George Monbiot have been reviewing their opinion of nuclear energy, calling coal ‘100 times worse than nuclear power’.

The reason is that, although a major crisis is difficult to manage, if run safely, and with correct care and maintenance, a nuclear facility is far less polluting and damaging to the environment than a traditional fossil fuel facility.

With this in mind, LGH are proud to be working with some of the biggest nuclear energy companies in the UK and around the world in keeping these facilities safe.

We work with the nuclear industry in two ways:

Repair and maintenance of facilities

Nuclear plants are huge facilities that require careful and constant maintenance to keep them safe and efficient. LGH provide the world’s best heavy lifting gear to repair and upgrade facilities all over the world. No job is too large, and we have the best hoisting, jacking and lifting gear to make sure that any size load, no matter how fragile, can be expertly lifted and placed in position.

Provision of safety lifting gear for nuclear facilities

We also provide a great range of safety lifting gear that can be used and worn by nuclear technicians to keep them safe in the workplace. These include lifelines and anchors, safety harnesses and confined space equipment.

We all want safe clean energy, and LGH are working with the nuclear industry to make this a reality. For more information about safety lifting gear in the nuclear industry, speak to one of our experts.

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