Safety Lifting Gear in the Construction Industry

Safety first! Here at LGH we always make safety lifting gear a priority. We understand the challenges and dangers of a construction site in the 21st century – we’ve been working in the industry for nearly 50 years.

Every product that LGH supplies is rigorously safety-tested in line with the guidelines from the Leading Edge Services (LEEA) in the UK. The LEEA is a great source of advice for anyone working in construction.

At LGH, our team can advise you on safety issues. We also lease some fantastic safety lifting gear at affordable prices:

Harnesses, lifelines and lanyards

When working with heights, it’s important to keep your team safe from falls. LGH have a selection of harnesses available, ranging from basic body harnesses to more advanced harnesses that include shock absorbers and fall indicators (such as the PBH14) which allow the wearer to be suspended for a long period of time.

Coupled with these harnesses, you will need some kind of anchor or davit. Our lifelines and anchors are portable but strong, and our man-riding davits are powerful counter-weighted constructions, suitable for any job.

Gas detection

We understand the risks of working with the danger of toxic gas fumes. We supply gas monitors to quickly detect any particles of gas in the working environment. We also have the fantastic Drager Saver CF Escape Set. The Drager Saver CF is a small portable pouch which contains a lifesaving mask and hood capable of providing a 10 minute supply of air in the case of an emergency. It’s widely recognised as the best in the business.

So be safe on your construction site – choose the best equipment for the job and if you need any further advise on safety, please talk to our team.

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