Lifting Equipment for Large Scale Construction Projects

As we like to say here at LGH – no job is too big! We have some of the toughest, largest scale equipment currently commercially available. LGH equipment has been used on some amazing large-scale construction projects such as the dismantling of Rugeley power station and some difficult and fragile projects like the hanging glass walkway in Deloitte Building.

In both of these case studies (and many other similar large-scale projects) the key to success is in the quality of the lifting equipment. Moving and installing materials on-site can be a nerve-wracking but essential part of the job. This important part can be made easier by working with LGH.

Hoisting Equipment

We supply a range of hoisting equipment and can advise on the most suitable solution for your project, including (but not limited to) air chain hoists, electric hoists and all associated accessories and controls.

One key piece of equipment in large scale construction projects is the GEDA ladder hoist – perfect for any job where material must be transported up or down from 19m to eaves. We also supply GEDA rack and pinion hoists which can lift material up to 100m and can be directly fastened to scaffolding.

Bumpa hoists can be electric or petrol and are a great way to quickly and easily lift tiles to a roof. The hoist is portable and simple and can be up and running within 4 minutes.

Material Handling Equipment

LGH supply only the very best material handling equipment, working with the world’s leading brands – Probst and Weinold. Our material handling equipment is powerful yet portable; safe and capable of moving any product in any environment.

An example of this equipment is our Counter-balanced material lifts. They are simple to transport and set up and they can lift up to 900kg self-supported. The GML880+ is the largest counter-balanced lift that we supply. The more compact SLK is perfect for awkward loads such as windowpanes and glazing.

If you are working on a construction project involving lifting heavy or fragile materials, why not speak to one of our experts for advice?

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