Building Bridges throughout the UK – Engineers rely on LGH

In 2018, Highways England began a £1.5 billion project to improve and develop road infrastructure in the UK. As a part of this massive regeneration project, the plan is to build and deliver 34 new bridges across the UK.

It’s a bold and ambitious plan that has involved some of the biggest construction and engineering firms in the UK. The project is ongoing, but already many new bridges have been successfully completed.

LGH are proud to have been involved in this major project. Since February 2018 we have been supplying large-scale hoisting, jacking, pulling and material handling equipment to help build some incredible bridges.

But why do these big-name engineering firms choose LGH for their heavy lifting equipment? Partly it’s because we’re a reliable firm with excellent customer service having been in the industry since the 1970s. But mainly it’s the specialist equipment we can supply. In huge projects like bridge building you can rely on the strength, durability and reliability of LGH equipment.

There are uncertain times ahead in the construction industry with the upcoming Brexit and political uncertainty. Large scale projects like this Highways England infrastructure initiative may become rarer as we move to a more independent UK. But there is one thing engineers can rely in this turbulent time: the outstanding equipment and service that LGH continue to provide.

 We’re proud to be involved in some of the biggest bridge building projects currently happening in the UK. If you are an engineer involved in bridge construction, feel free to contact us for information about how LGH can help you and your project.

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