Demolition in the Energy and Utilities Industry

heavy lifting equipmentLGH have worked extensively with some of the biggest names in energy and utilities. We are not just involved in construction; we are also the UK’s leading heavy lifting company, specialising in equipment for demolition and razing projects. LGH hire all over the world in many different sectors. We often find the energy and utilities sector to be the most challenging when working on a demolition project. Demolition projects in energy and utilities face the following challenges:

  • Usually very large scale constructions – for example the Didcot boiler house collapse disaster in 2016 in which 4 construction workers were tragically killed when a tower collapsed.
  • Often the buildings or structures are old or fragile.
  • Can contain combustible or hazardous materials.

That’s why it is so important to work with experts with experience in the field on a demolition project. At LGH, we are often involved in energy/utility demolition projects – not just because of our experience, but also because we have the best, most durable, heavy lifting equipment available.

Our equipment is ideal for any scale demolition project. It includes pulling and moving systems, ideal for transporting and moving; lifting and hoisting equipment to lift those heavy loads, and all the necessary rigging that goes with it.

A great example of our heavy lifting equipment being used in a large scale energy supply demolition project is the work on the former power station at Rugeley. The project, which was planned over six months in advance and took just a day to complete, was described by LGH’s Technical Sales Manager Simon Cruse as a “job well done”.

If you are working on a demolition project in the energy and utilities industry, you can speak to one of our experts for expert advice and guidance.

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