Bridge & Tunnel Building Best Practice

InfrastructureWhen we look at the world of engineering and construction, there are no more impressive examples of design and achievement than bridges and tunnels. Some of the greatest engineering accomplishments of the last two centuries have been connecting two landmasses by bridge or by tunnel. Just look at the Eurotunnel, or the Golden Gate bridge – or the Millau Viaduct in France. Building bridges and tunnels are not just an engineering feat, they are a symbol of connectivity – a joining together of people and cultures.

That’s why LGH are so proud to be involved in some of the biggest and best bridge and tunnel projects in the UK and around the world. LGH has been working with some of the biggest names in transport and infrastructure for over 40 years. Our heavy lifting equipment has been used to build some of the most amazing and largest-scale projects around.

The reason that so many construction firms choose LGH when constructing and installing a bridge or tunnel is because our heavy lifting gear is some of the largest and strongest available. Our heavy lifting range of equipment can supply heavy lifting gear capable of lifting up to 1000 tons. We have a huge range of hoists, jacks, pulleys and slings capable of lifting and maneuvering even the largest sections of bridge. We can hire equipment to the site of construction or installation, and we have a team of advisors ready to answer any question you may have about a project.

LGH are all about building bridges – both literally through the construction of some amazing engineering, and figuratively – through the joining together of some of the best engineering, construction and design firms in Europe. Our experience means that we are the best-placed company to help build your next project. If you’d like any advice about the range of products we stock, please contact our team on 03704 247247.

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