Best Lifting gear for Bridge Construction & Maintenance

newcastle bridgeWe’ve already looked at how LGH have been involved in some of the most exciting bridge-building projects in the UK. Another important part of bridge design that LGH are proud to be a part of is the ongoing repair and maintenance of the UK’s bridges that are such a vital part of our infrastructure.

In bridge construction it’s clear that engineers will need the best and most reliable equipment. That’s why they choose LGH for their heavy lifting gear. But there is also the ongoing maintenance of these bridges which can be a challenge. It is a skilled and technical job and requires a detailed understanding of the long-term behaviour of these structures.

Often, the maintenance and repair of a bridge can involve innovative techniques and a detailed risk and reliability assessment by an engineer. The most common repairs are:

Approach settlement

The most ubiquitous problem in bridge construction concerns the small gap or bump at the end of the bridge. This gap accommodates settlement of the road and allows drainage. If this settlement begins to fail, then the roadway may need to be replaced or a wedge can be added to the approach.

In either case a jack is required to repair the problem. LGH hire and sell a wide range of jacks, perfect for any repair. These range from compact jacks to multi-purpose super jacks, capable of jacking up to 1000 tons.


Over time, bridges will inevitably crack and distress. As they do, teams of engineers will have the option of demolishing a bridge, accelerating the bridge planning, replacing or repairing sections of bridge.

These are heavy jobs, which require the toughest of equipment. LGH’s range of hoists are perfect for any size job. LGH supply beam clamps and trolleys, electric chain hoists and floor cranes. LGH are the number one choice for heavy lifting gear when working on a large-scale bridge deterioration project.

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