Product Spotlight: Load Measuring

At LGH, our fleet of force measurement technologies tops 250 units allowing us to weigh anything from 1 to 500 tonnes. Our load measuring products having an industry leading wireless range of 700m and unrivalled accuracy so there is no reason you shouldn’t come to LGH for your next project.

Do have a large industrial item such as a bridge, generator, turbine, tower, boat or oil rig that has to be moved? Our wireless compression load cell systems can quickly and accurately report weight and centre of gravity for any object up to 2000 tonnes. We can design and configure each system to the precise need of your job.

We also have the highest capacity of Straightpoint Radiolink plus digital load cells available for rent in Europe.

Key features of these product are:

  • Weigh loads from 1 to 500 tonnes
  • Industry leading wireless range of 700m
  • Unrivalled accuracy
  • Error free data transmission

The LGH load measuring portfolio is perfect for a variety of sectors including Marine and Offshore especially within ship building and repair, and bridge building.

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