Supplying Hoisting Equipment for Renewable Energy Projects

hoisting equipmentThanks to the inspirational Greta Thunberg and groups like Extinction Rebellion, we’re all aware of the impending climate crisis. Weekly, we’re seeing examples in the news and social media of the changing climate, and man-made global warming as a theory that is now scientifically irrefutable.

As a result, we’re all making small changes to our lifestyle to help save the planet. Sometimes it’s a small thing like recycling or using the car less. One of the major impacts we can have as individuals is to support renewable energy sources with our hoisting equipment.

In the United States, currently 81% of energy comes from fossil fuels which are significant contributors to the warming climate. Renewable energy is the future, and LGH are proud to be a part of that revolution.

What is renewable energy?

Renewable energy comes from natural resources (or processes) that are naturally replenished. Examples of renewable energy are solar, wind, hydroelectric, biomass and geothermal energy.

How is LGH involved in renewable energy projects?

LGH has over 40 years’ experience providing hoisting equipment in the energy sector. We’ve been involved in some huge projects supplying hoisting equipment to major power stations and energy facilities. More and more, LGH’s heavy lifting gear is being used to install renewable energy sources – our expertise is critical in hoisting large, fragile solar panels, and building huge hydroelectric projects. You can read more about our work helping to install offshore wind farms in our Marine and Offshore brochure.

If you’d like more information about LGH and the renewable energy sector, see our page on Energy and Utilities or contact our team.

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