Heavy Lifting Equipment in your Sector

Modular Spreading Systems in your sectormodular spreader system hire

If you are dealing with an unusual load shape or are working with heavy loads in cramped or difficult spaces, then you’ll need to look at a modular spreading system. Modular spreading systems are already used by a range of sectors, particularly in the area of onshore and offshore wind industry. Spreaders are an essential tool in heavy lifting equipment, and LGH are one of the UK’s leading suppliers.

What is a modular spreading system?

Simply put, modular spreading systems are a way of spreading your load. The LGH assortment of spreader beam assemblies for hire, offer a wide range of spans, configurations and capacities to suit your wide and varied lifting needs. They are versatile and cost-effective and have a wide range of capacities to suit the job. Every spreader beam includes a pair of End Units and a pair of Drop Links with interchangeable struts which enable you to lengthen or shorten the beam, making them reusable at different spans.

A wide range of spreader beams (from 24-1000t and 0.5-30m) and spreader frames (6-140t and 0.5-16m) are available now.

Air Hoists in your sector

The Air Hoists PROFI Series are very robust and therefore suitable for tough applications even in continuous working processes. They are ideal for use in explosive atmospheres and a range of other harsh operating conditions.

‘Engineered for extremes’ goes some way to describing the demanding industries that consume these air hoists. There is a natural appeal in representing a product that is renowned for its reliability and durability in such applications.

According to your requirements there are various control systems available. For traversing loads, different trolley designs meet your demands:
• Sensitive infinitely variable speed control for the precise positioning of loads
• Load chain and hooks manufactured from high quality steels

We have air chain hoists for hire from 0.25-100t capacity. Capable of lifting the heaviest loads.

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