Lifting Heavy Loads In The Energy Sector

Energy & UtilitiesLGH are proud to be at the forefront of the seismic shifts that are currently shaping the energy industry and propelling it into the future. As the energy industry seeks new, innovative ways to provide an increasing demand for energy without damaging the planet, LGH have been instrumental in supplying equipment to build a brighter future. Fossil fuels are on the way out, and LGH are helping to construct and install newer, greener energy supplies.


LGH provide heavy lifting equipment in power plants for the lifting and manoeuvring of heavy equipment. Through the use of specialised heavy lifting gear, the energy industry in the UK and around the world are able to produce large-scale turbines, solar panels and heat pumps which then are transported to site with the help of LGH lifting slings and hoists.


Once on site, LGH heavy lifting equipment is essential to install new green energy sources such as wind farms (on and off-shore), Hydropower, solar energy farms and geothermal sites. Using extremely heavy-duty lifting frames and air-chain hoists, LGH have been an essential component in the installation of some of Europe’s most innovative and large-scale new energy initiatives.

LGH are working with some of the most forward-thinking companies around the world to invest in a greener, brighter future for the planet. The reason that these large energy industry names choose to work with LGH is simple – because LGH are a reliable service with more than 40 years in the industry. LGH hire only the best equipment for the job and have a fantastic reputation within the industry for their service and commitment.

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