Demolition and Decommissioning – How LGH can Help

The high-quality lifting gear from LGH is synonymous with a multitude of building projects throughout the UK and Europe.

But we’re not only involved in construction projects – LGH has also been involved in some of the UK’s biggest demolition and decommissioning projects.

What is demolition and decommissioning?

Demolition (or razing) can be small scale or large scale. Small-scale demolition projects such as houses use hydraulic equipment and excavators or bulldozers to take down a building.

Larger scale demolition projects commonly use a wrecking ball or implosion to take down a building or structure.

Decommissioning usually refers to the shutting down or ceasing of operations of a large power station or industrial complex. Decommissioning may first involve the lifting and removal of large machinery or components prior to demolition or repurposing and LGH can help supply the rigging equipment needed for such projects.

Lifting & Rigging Equipment

LGH supply the perfect equipment to support demolition and decommissioning projects. From hoists and beams to rigging and jacks, LGH have lots of experience in the field.

A great example of a recent large-scale decommissioning project is the removal of two 210 tonne stators from the former power station at Rugeley in Staffordshire. LGH engineers from LGH UK and LGH Europe worked together to design a unique lifting and rigging equipment including multi-lug beams, heavy-duty shackles and slings to create a bespoke 12m multi-lug lifting device.

The project was a great success and resulted in the removal of the two stators in just one day. The project was completed on schedule and under budget thanks to the efficiency and great project management from the LGH team.

LGH can help with your demolition and decommissioning project, or if you are looking to hire lifting and rigging equipment for other sectors. Please contact us for advice and guidance.

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