Maxiflex Wire Ropes

  • Maxiflex ropes have been specifically designed to suit Tirfor products
  • The rope is manufactured to extremely high tolerances which are necessary for the reliable operation of the product mechanism inside the machine, especially when lowering under load
  • Using Maxiflex Ropes is part of the certification of the machine

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Maxiflex Wire Rope TU-8 / T508 Fitted with Hook 8.3 Dia. (mm)
Length (m) Product Code
20 H220800820
40 H220800840
60 H220800860
80 H220800880
100 H220800900


Maxiflex Wire Rope TU-16 / T516 Fitted with Hook 11.5 Dia. (mm)
Length (m) Product Code
20 H220811620
40 H220811640
60 H220811660
80 H220811680
100 H220811700


Maxiflex Wire Rope TU-32 / T532 Fitted with Shackle 16.3 Dia. (mm)
Length (m) Product Code
20 H220823220
40 H220823240
60 H220823260
80 H220823280
100 H220823300


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