Team Profile Questions

LGH Team

Paul Smith

(Warehouse Foreman)


1. What 3 words to describe LGH?

Motivating, Innovative, Supportive.

2. What 3 words to describe you?

Passionate, Trustworthy, Focused.

3. How long have you been working for LGH?

3 and a half years – just after the restart of LGH UK.

4. What has been your favourite project at LGH?

So far working alongside one of our customers I supported the set up of our modular spreader beams in various configurations in order to put modular buildings together. Getting up close and working directly with the customer resulted in a quick and precise assembly of a full (modular) building in just one day.

5. If you could learn something new what would it be?

Tough one, but one thing that has always stood out to me if I had the chance is the design and fabrication of equipment and parts of all shapes and sizes.

6. Tell us something that might surprise us about you?

Outside of work I am a strong motorbike enthusiast or as the Mrs says, “an adrenaline junkie”. The feeling I have getting out on one of my bikes either on the road or on the track is like no other. It has also been a strong influence on my social life as well as personal.

7. What does your work space often look like?

I like to keep the workshop organised and tidy to make the process of doing jobs as efficient as possible, however this can change daily depending on how the job dictates the space available. As soon as I can make the time, I apply this process to get the focus back in the workshop.

8. What do you like best about working for LGH and why?

The people and what we are striving to achieve, which is – safety, certainty and a great service.

9. What’s your favourite bit of kit you can hire from LGH and why?

Modular spreader beams are my favourite bit of kit. The diversity of configurations and capacities range from 6t to 250t in LGH UK and much higher in the LGH group. They are capable of so much and I love seeing different projects and the way they are used.

10. Any words of wisdom you can share with us?

A job worth doing is worth doing right.

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