Product Spotlight: Minifor Hoists

Minifor hoists are high performance and sturdy with excellent weight-power ratios, aluminium alloy housing and unlimited lifting height. For safety, they have adjustable upper and lower stops and brakes incorporated in the motor. All LGH units are fitted with wireless remote controls as standard. 300 and 500kg (direct) models available with 6.5mm wire rope available […]

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Product Spotlight: Modulift Spreader Beams

Spreader beams provide the ideal solution for many lifting requirements. They are versatile and cost-effective and have a wide range of capacities to suit the job. Every spreader beam includes a pair of End Units and a pair of Drop Links with interchangeable struts which enable you to lengthen or shorten the beam, making them […]

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Product Spotlight: Tirak Universal Hoist

The Tirak Universal Hoist is manufactured to the industry standard for elevator installations, building maintenance units and wind turbines, and has harsh environment protection. The Universal Hoist is suitable for man-riding (P-Suffix models only) and has a 100% duty factor. Our hoists range from 500-3000kg with rope lengths of 20-200m available. At LGH we only […]

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Product Spotlight: Jacks

If you need a lightweight, but robust aluminium jack then look no further than the JAH Aluminium Jacks range. They offer a wide variety of capacities and lift height options, and are used extensively in maintenance, construction, heavy plant and machinery applications. Our range of JAH Aluminium Jacks are available as: Plain ram lifting jacks, with […]

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Product Spotlight: Porta Gantry Rapide

If you’re looking for a lightweight, easy to transport and straightforward lifting gantry then look no further than the Porta Gantry Rapide. A unique, ultra-light and rapidly deployable gantry from Reid Lifting that provides a versatile lifting solution for goods and personnel. The PGR gantry features a unique speedy deployment system that is quick to […]

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Modular Spreader Beam Configurations

Modular Spreader Beams at LGH

Modulift are the leading global spreader beam designer and manufacturer in the market. We’ve partnered with them for many years at LGH and we wouldn’t consider using anybody else’s spreader beams. Using Modular Spreader Beams enables you to be more flexible over a number of lifts without needing to hire a new Spreader Beam every […]

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Product Spotlight: Probst Stone Magnets

Probst Stone Magnets Lifting Gear Hire

For the easy and efficient handling and laying of stone slabs and concrete/marble blocks, a stone magnet vacuum lifting device is the piece of kit you need. At LGH, we only work with the most trusted suppliers, so when it comes to stone magnets, it has to be Probst. A member of LEEA, they’re well […]

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Product Spotlight: CMOD Spreader Frames

Modulift Spreader Frame Lifting Gear Hire

CMOD Spreader Frames and Lifting Frames are an essential addition to your rigging kit – recommended for loads that have four lifting points, especially when headroom is limited, as the height of the rig will be considerably lower than conventional ‘1 over 2’ chandelier set ups. Modulift are the market leaders in Spreader Beam design […]

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